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BR Mayoral Candidate Profile: Mike Walker


East Baton Rouge Mayor Protemp Mike Walker has played a number of roles in his life. One of his proudest was growing up on the farm with his grandparents who adopted and raised him in north Louisiana. Childhood was anything but simple for then Mike Hudson who was adopted a second time at the age of fourteen. It put Walker on course to Baton Rouge where he would later make his mark.

After serving twelve years on the parish council, Walker said he is ready to play a bigger part.

"You don't have to train me. All I need to do is walk across the hall from my office, to the mayor-president's office, sit down at that desk and say okay here's what we need to do.

If you ask Walker, there is plenty to do.

"Baton Rouge needs to get a grip on crime."

Walker said his favorite American actor John Wayne best represents his belief in an assertive form of government.

"I believe in making decision and making them now because in five minutes you're going to have another one to make."

Walker thinks solving crime could be made simpler and affordable by shaving ten percent off the budget.

"The chief has asked for 30 (detectives) in narcotics. You need 30 in narcotics immediately. The chief has asked for more street operations units, so you need another 20 or 30 at night and they bust butt."

Walker also believes a new mayor-president needs to be in the driver's seat to fight traffic.

"Until you get a mayor-president in who can go and visit with these people in a reasonable manner you're not going to get any cooperation out of the rest of the parishes around. So the loop is out as long as this mayor is in."

Because Walker believes leaving the lines of communication open is crucial, if elected, he said he plans to do a little redecorating.

"The first thing I plan to do is take that padlock off the front door in reception area and throw it away so you open up the people's office to the people.

That plan will be determined by voters on November 6, 2012.

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