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Comedy Central's Indecision in Cincinnati


Comedy Central's "Indecision 2012" came to Cincinnati Friday to report on the nation's number one swing state.

Comedy Central sent two stand up comedians, Jordan Carlos and Jared Logan to the University of Cincinnati campus to take the pulse of Ohio voters.

Between the Romney and Obama campaigns, Ohio has been visited more than 90 times in recent months, but Jordan Carlos says that's not enough. "I think we need to pay more attention to the Buckeye state. People don't even know what a Buckeye is. A Buckeye is a poisonous nut."

Carlos and Jared Logan conducted a series of interviews to find out what makes Ohio the holy grail for political candidates while other states are virtually forgotten.  Jordan says other states are envious. "I think what you got out there are Ohio haters, states that want to be like Ohio, no hio, you know what I'm saying, faux hio"

Logan says Ohio is the most important state on the planet right now. "We know that this is a very swingy state. We know that you guys are deciding the election for the rest of us," says Logan. 

Logan says Ohio's prominence can't be denied. "If America is the one indispensable nation the Ohio is the one indispensable state.  I think you guys should lobby. You should use this momentum to get more stuff for Ohio, maybe like more land like Kentucky. You could take some of Kentucky back," says Logan. 

In the meantime, Carlos says the President needs to put some sizzle in his speaking style. "I like the President.  He's a little, he comes to his points a little slowly. I do pretty good impression of the President, it's pretty slow," said Carlos.   

UC student Connie Brown says her classmates are getting weary of all the campaign stops in Cincinnati. "It's kind of like toward the end so I'm kind of like not it November 7th yet?"

Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 27, the Indecision staff at various locations, covering the election:

  • University of Cincinnati, Friday, Oct. 26, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Downtown Cincinnati, Friday, Oct. 26, 2 p.m. til evening
  • Blooms and Berries Farm Market, Oct. 27, time unknown

Indecision is Comedy Central's hub of political comedy, featuring humorous and witty political commentary on the election, the candidates and anything funny the political world comes up with.

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