Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Campaign signs are everywhere these days as the political season is in full swing. But Tuesday, we found out that many of those signs, particularly yard signs, are illegally posted.

David Guillory is the director of the East Baton Rouge Public Works department. He says it's against the law to put signs in between the sidewalk and the street.

"The UDC (uniformed development code) prohibits putting the signs in any right-of-way, servitude of passage, median, or light poles, utility poles and right of way," says Guillory. "You have to put it on private property."

"In areas where there is a sidewalk, the area between the sidewalk and street considered right of way as well. So they have to be on private property," says Guillory.

There are also fines associated with these signs.

"Any sign that's within the right-of-way is considered litter and these can be a $25 per sign assessment on the candidates," added Guillory.

One homeowner we talked to says her signs just appeared over night without her permission. She says she plans to take the sign off the metal stakes and use them for her plants.

Win or lose, the candidates have just seven days after the election to remove the signs or face that  $25 per sign fee.

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