3rd Congressional District race heating up

LAFAYETTE, LA (WAFB) - The campaign advertisements are getting brutal.
Incumbent to the 3rd Congressional District, Dr. Charles Boustany and his main challenger, Jeff Landry are going head to head in a historically conservative region.  

UL-Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Scott explained because the two republicans see eye to eye on most matters, they are digging beneath the surface to find mud to sling.

"There hasn't been much room between them on a lot of the major issues, so as a result you tend to see a tax on issues of little substance or picking on personalities, looking for things to pick a fight," Scott said.

The campaign ads are popping up on television more frequently as election day nears. They have become the talk around lunch tables in Lafayette, where voters are not holding their tongues.

"I think everybody should just stick to the issues and stick to the facts and not throw it out there where it might be degrading to one or the other," Rusty Guilbeau said.

"Be true about yourself and you can get a vote but you don't need to bash another person out," Brittney Alexander said.

"I'm kind of disgusted with both of them for that. Those dirty ads are beneath both of them," Charlie Castille said.

While most will tell you they can't stand the ads, Dr. Scott said, in this race they really can make a difference.

"Voters typically in congressional races don't have that much information. So if they see something on television quite a bit and it seems to be credible they get some bit supporting data that helps them, they will make a decision based on that," Scott said.

So far, many voters said their minds are not made up just yet.

"It's going to depend at the end of the day when I get in the voting booth to see exactly which way I'm going to go," Guilbeau said.

Bryan Barrilleaux, Ron Richard and Jim Stark are also running for the 3rd congressional seat.

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