Local woman says she was scammed at area car dealership

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Samantha Allen holds receipts for deposits she paid to an employee named Mike Chavis at Capitol Auto Sales on Florida Boulevard over the past three weeks.

"All together I gave him almost two thousand dollars," said Allen.

The problem now is that Chavis is nowhere to be found and Baton Rouge Police are investigating three separate thefts involving Chavis and fraudulent receipts for money received.

"You can't just up and take someone's money," added Allen.

Capitol Auto Sales contends that because this employee wrote a receipt on a book that was not dealership property, it cannot honor the deposits made for the vehicle but Allen says that's not good enough and believes the dealership is still responsible.

"Really I'm the victim because your employee stole my money. He said I can't get your money back. I can't get you another car, you'll have to put more money down. That's not right."

The brother of the owner of Capitol Auto Sales would not go on camera but did acknowledge the dealership does not do background checks on employees and that Chavis, who has a prior felony, was a long time friend. That is a scenario that doesn't sit well with Allen.

"You can't just put everybody around your money and other people's money. It don't matter how long you know these people, if they're a felon something is wrong with it," said Allen.

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