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Temporary weight limit on Roebling Bridge due to deterioration


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has temporarily imposed a 3-ton weight restriction on the John A. Roebling Bridge because of deterioration found during a recent inspection.   

"Deterioration was found from a recent inspection that requires additional analysis and repairs", said Rob Hans, Chief District Engineer for the Covington District 6 Office. "Until we have an accepted plan and the repair is made the load capacity on the bridge will be limited to three tons."

The weight restriction will preclude the use of commuter trolleys on the bridge but will not affect passenger vehicles or pedestrian traffic on the bridge's sidewalks. 

The KYTC has notified the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) about the reduced weight limits. TANK has implemented the Southbank Shuttle detour, and TANK vehicles are no longer using the Suspension Bridge. 

For questions about the detour, please go to TANK's website (www.tankbus.org) or to TANK's helpline at (859) 331-TANK.

In September of 2007, the cabinet lowered the weight limit to 11 tons for all vehicles.  A detailed load analysis study was done to determine what the 150 year old historic landmark could handle.  The KYTC wants to be sure that this iconic structure is around for generations to come. 

The three ton weight restriction will remain until the repairs are complete. 

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