What voters expect from second presidential debate

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Health care and the economy are two key campaign topics on the table for a local lunch crowd Tuesday.

Lunch at Brew-Bacher's in Gonzales came with a side of politics Tuesday as folks discussed what they hope to see from the presidential candidates during their second debate.

"They need to get more direct. Instead of going around the block and answering questions, they need to get more direct," said Jill Smith.

Gerard Smith says direct answers were just one thing the first debate was greatly lacking.

"I don't think either one of them are truly speaking honestly to us. I think if they would, then people could make an informed decision," said Gerard Smith.

Brew-Bacher's cashier Felicia Leggio-Braud says neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney has touched on an issue that hits close to home for her family.

"I was forced to learn about Autism whenever my son was diagnosed," said Leggio-Braud.

Leggio-Braud says besides she getting to the bottom of what she calls a huge spike in Autism in American children, candidates need to think about long-term health care plans for kids like hers.

"Ron Paul is actually the only one who was talking about this issue," said Leggio-Braud. "Of course he was given no attention whatsoever, so he's not an option. If either of these guys would address this, I would definitely be influenced."

Having open-minded voters like Leggio-Braud still out there makes debates like Tuesday night's much more important for the presidential candidates who hope to do some serious convincing over the next three weeks.

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