On the ballot: 12 years max for school board members

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Voters across the state will have a chance to limit terms for school board members in their respective districts.

Legislatures passed the measure to have the item added to the November ballot.

If passed, school board members would not be allowed to serve more than 12 years in office consecutively.

Bill Black served on the East Baton Rouge parish school board for 16 years. He says he is on the fence when it comes to term limits.

"When you thwart someone from being able to run for a public office in the United States of America, you're waving a flag in our forefathers face and I really don't like to do that," Black said.

Pearl Porter raised five children in the EBR school system and has watched the school board closely over the years.

"Just having that new fresh energy into the school system - we have plenty of people living in this city that can bring new energy," Porter said.

The law doesn't have to pass statewide, and would only apply in districts where it is improved.

It also doesn't apply to time already served. The clock would start ticking on everyone at the same time- January 2014.

"It's the perfect dilemma," Black said. "It might be better if we change every four years, but by the same token, it takes such an appreciable amount of time to really catch on to what is going on."