Residents near Capitol Middle School fear after school violence

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A normal afternoon walk home from school for students at Capitol Middle School has become anything but normal. Cell phone video provided by neighbors show what folks in the area say has become routine behavior, violence and fighting as children make their way home from school.

WAFB 9 News contacted a spokesman from the East Baton Rouge School District about what residents say is an all too common occurrence and were issued a statement in which it reads, "The district and school staff are working in partnership with the Sheriff's Office and have beefed up patrols of the school community during the times some students typically would be walking home from school."

The fighting has also become a major concern for neighbors who say there may be regular police presence but more can be done.

"Some of the older people try to stop them from fighting and they want to fight the older people," said James Barnes, a resident who has lived in the area for 23 years.

"We don't have no peace. You can't even sit in the yard and put a pit on with the kids out here fighting and stuff," added Barnes. "They keep on fighting like that and somebody is going to get killed."

According to Baton Rouge Police, presence is standard when schools let out throughout the city limits but it's up to residents to make sure complaints are filled out correctly.

"It's a cooperative effort between the school and law enforcement and of course the families and the people concerned," said BRPD spokesman Corporal Thomas Stubbs. "They need to contact all of us and let us together and let us keep the children safe. If it means beef up patrols or do special operation that's what we'll do."

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