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Local liquor store owner weighs in on pros, cons of potential Sunday alcohol sales


You may soon be able to pick up a six-pack on Sundays in Columbus.

Voters will be making a decision on allowing the sale of alcohol on Sundays in November. Many people believe this is a way to increase tax revenue and generate more profit.

But for one owner of a local liquor store, this extra day of work means hiring more employees and having to spread his resources thin which could mean decreased revenue.

Cecil Hand, owner of Crazy Cecil's Party Shop, thinks it could increase prices for his customers and have a negative impact on small businesses.

"It's a passion, you know, when you've had your family work really hard all their lives to build and create things like this, my mom and dad didn't take any money out of this store and let it build for thirty years, you know, because they worked other jobs trying to build something," Hand said. "And this kind of thing is starting to die by the wayside, so you know, you're giving in to bigger things and, you know, you're losing the passion of America."

This will be the last section on the very lengthy November 6 ballot. 

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