Controversial case involving LSU grad makes it to U.S. Supreme Court

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A controversial case involving an LSU graduate has made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Abigail Fisher, a white student, claims she was denied admission to UT Austin in 2008 because of her race.

Meanwhile, LSU leaders are boasting about the universities record-setting enrollment numbers. Not only has the student body grown, but the number of minority students has too.

Nearly 30,000 students are enrolled at Louisiana State University this Fall. The Office of Budget and Planning reports LSU welcomed its largest freshman class ever At just over 5,700. Vice chancellor of enrollment, Kurt Keppler, says university leaders will most likely target another pool of students down the road.

"I think we'll probably focus more on our transfer and graduate population in the future," Keppler said.

LSU does not cap enrollment but follows a strict set of guidelines in the admissions process. The student must have a 3.0 GPA and score at least a 22 on the ACT.

"If 100,000 students had those criteria we'd accept 100,000 students. We don't know what we'd do if they came but we don't reject anyone who meets those numeric goals."

African American enrollment is up by 19 students and 156 additional Hispanic students are registered this fall compared to last year. But Keppler said the university doesn't have its sights set on a particular number.

"I think we're pleased to get the best students we can get. The students who represent the most different experiences they've had and who are eligible and willing to come to LSU and be successful at LSU."

LSU's enrollment goals are pretty clear. They include strengthening cultural diversity; increasing the number of students who work or live in diverse communities; and expanding supportive communities for minority, international and first generation students.

"There isn't a discussion about limiting it to X or increasing it to Y. If you're eligible, you're in."

The university hopes to increase enrollment to 32,000 by the year 2020.

Qualifications to get into Southern University: 20 ACT score; Seniors have to have sub scores of 19 math or 18 English; Juniors have to have sub score 19 math and 18 English. A 2.0 GPA, and a 940-980 on SAT scores.

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