Small solid waste company in Livingston Parish trying to compete

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - After three years of offering recycling in Livingston Parish, Jack Fridge and Livingston Waste are now picking up trash. It's that trash removal that is causing quite a stink, with parish attorneys now reviewing the current ordinance and agreements. Fridge says his company just wants to keep serving its 500 or so customers.

"We're already here and we're already established and the things we want changed isn't really anything and in reality those companies could have already come and they could have been the ones going through what we're having to go through," said Fridge.

For Livingston Waste the issue is the language of the existing ordinance with regards to things like bin size and insurance but parish officials say the danger is making exceptions and opening the door for future requests.

"No one wants to shut them down but at the same time they've got to play on the same playing field because we want to keep our rates down," said Livingston Parish President Layton Ricks. "We don't want a bunch of companies coming in picking and choosing where to operate and then we end up with rates going up all over the parish."

"Being that are trucks are smaller and easier on the ground it makes it easier and cheaper for the parish really because they're not having to replace roads as much," added Fridge.  "We would just like to compete."

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