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Livingston Parish residents consider mill tax for mosquito abatement program


Crews in Livingston Parish conducted scheduled mosquito spraying on Monday, but those who work in the program are anxiously awaiting next month's election.

"It's going to help our department out tremendously, yes," said Parish Mosquito Abatement Director Jeanine Tessmer.

On the ballot will be a measure that would change the current yearly fee of $30 for residents to a 3 mill tax for property owners. After exemptions are applied, the tax could be more or less than the current fee, depending on the property's value.

"As it stands now we're never sure how much money we're going to get because it's all dependent on people sitting down and writing that check and mailing it to us," added Tessmer.

The passing of the proposition will mean more guaranteed funds to go towards Livingston Parish's mosquito abatement program. However, that is a program the some residents wouldn't mind seeing come to an end.

"I would be totally fine with it going away," said Mandy Breshears.

Breshears and her husband have been property owners in the parish for five years and while this proposition would not go into effect until the beginning of 2014, she will be voting against it.

"I'm not a fan of it. I think we have enough chemicals in the air as it is so when I'm outside watering the yard I don't want to be breathing that in so I would be fine not having it honestly," added Breshears.

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