Gator meat shortage as tailgaters prepare for game

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - As the clock winds down to kickoff Saturday at the Swamp, the purple and gold loyals have a question.

You got some alligator?

At Heads & Tails, they're stocked, be it the whole thing, the head, claws or just some good ole' gator meat.

"We have the greatest fans in the world, so when they play football, it's always great. It's always an influx of gator sales, and this year is no exception. In fact, it's been better," said Heads & Tails owner Michael Cashio.

Problem is, the demand is higher than the supply. Gator trapping shows have put the delicacy in the national spotlight, and with gator season having wrapped up Thursday, the price reflects the increased demand.

"They're as high as $10.99 per pound for gator meat right now that we were retailing for $8.50-$8.99 per pound," said Cashio.

"It's expensive, but it's worth it - especially if we win," said LSU fan Connie Kennedy.

As fans hope the Tigers run all over the Gators on Saturday, the Kennedy's will be claiming a different kind of gator.

"This one weighs about 8 lbs.," said Cashio.

If roasting isn't your thing, just dip, season and sizzle away or batter it up and toss in the fryer. Either way, if gator is on the menu Saturday, you may want to secure some soon.

Because be it the whole thing or the packaged meat, time is running out.

"We are running low. We're really just about out for the day," said Cashio.

Cashio said the demand for gator meat is up to 500 pounds a week. Plus, they ship nationwide thanks to the popularity of gator meat now.

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