Local fears on meningitis

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge pain specialist Mike Burdine, M.D. spent much of his Friday calming nervous patients.

Health officials say 75 facilities in 23 states may have received tainted steroids.  The Center for Disease Control says 47 people in seven states have contracted fungal meningitis. Five people have died.

Dr. Burdine has been talking to his patients here in Baton Rouge.

"Basically we're telling our patients from our perspective they don't have anything to worry about, "Says Burdine. "We use a product from a national manufacturers. We have not or would ever use products from these compound pharmacies that are unfamiliar. What we're doing continues to be safe and effective."

Health officials say they  expect to see the number rise. Burdine says the location of the shot is what's setting off the meningitis.

"The reason it's such a problem with us is when we do the injections they're right up against the covering of the spinal cord," says Burdine. "So if there is any type of contamination, it goes right to meningitis and that's where the problem is coming about."

He adds that at Spine Diagnostics, they get their product from another manufacturer.

Burdine is a board-certified pain management physician. He also sits on the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

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