New developments for city of New Roads

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - Big improvements are coming to New Roads. The city already partnered with the New Orleans Hornets to renovate a neighborhood park. Friday is the christening of a new football field.

New Roads city workers spent the day putting finishing touches on the Community Park Stadium.

"This is kind of like our 'field of dreams' to borrow that term," said Mayor Robert Myer. "This is a state of the art field. It's community owned."

Myer says the field was a post-Hurricane Gustav dump site. So was the old cotton mill, which the city now uses for antique and garage sales. Residents say they remember the days long before Gustav, when the area was even worse

"It used to look like a ghost town back that way. Now they're doing some things in that area right now that's beautifying and bringing revenue to the city of New Roads," said Otis Henry, a long-time resident.

Myer says the mill and stadium revamps are just parts of the city's three-part plan for existing developments in town. A skate park is in the works.

"We had to clean this place up. And, you know, we think it's the best land use development that we can have right here in the heart of your city," said Myer.

Myer says residents have been happy to see these changes and to hear about plans for the future.

"There's not a whole lot of activities around here except the for the river. I think it will be a good way to get the kids off the streets and have something to do," said Tressa Hotard.

"I hope the park breaks down some of the social and economical issues that we have here in New Roads and basically brings together the community like a tight knit little family," said John Langlois.

Myer says the city plans to break ground on the skate park early next year.

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