School leaders apologize for uniform mix up

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some parents with kids at The Career Academy believe they got duped. They paid for uniforms over the summer but two months into the school year some of them are still waiting. 9News has learned some orders never made it to the production line.

The computer lab at The Career Academy is full of eager students. Some are in uniform, others are not. Louisiana Resource Center for Educators (LRCE) chartered the school two years ago.

Executive Director Nancy Roberts said the school changed its uniforms this year. The orders were taken over the summer. But not all of them were delivered.

"The orders were coming in waves and some waves were completed and delivered in a timely manner. However, it looks like some of the orders were never filled and now we're having trouble contacting the company," Roberts said.

That's because the company, "Unique Apparel" is based in New York. Roberts said she hired a local sales representative, Ron Sutton, to handle the details. But she said she did not know the uniforms were coming from out of state.

"I thought the uniforms were being made in Louisiana. I'm learning now they were never made in Louisiana. We should have chosen a contact who was having the uniforms made here," Roberts said.

While she hired someone else to do her bidding, Roberts said she accepts full responsibility for the mix up and promised to straighten it out

"I apologize to the parents. It's not right and it's not the way we do business," Roberts said.

The school is holding a meeting with parents at the LRCE building on Florida Boulevard on Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Co-owner of Unique Apparel, Sharon Robuck, said her company got behind on the orders when her husband suffered a stroke. She said she would be willing to refund the parents' their money.

Mr. Sutton declined to comment on-camera, but he told 9News if the company does not refund their money, he will.

The estimated total is around $3,000.

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