Volunteers make North Baton Rouge homes more energy efficient

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Homeowners in the Istrouma area may see lower electric bills this winter. Volunteers helped make 16 homes more energy efficient.

New light bulbs and new fixtures are just some of the improvements made to 16 homes in the Istrouma area by volunteers from Entergy, the city and Istrouma high school.

"We hooked up with Istrouma High School, and these kids are coming out. We get to teach them how to work on these houses and how to save energy," said Perry Smith, an Entergy volunteer.

"I'm helping out people that need help with their house," said Johnisha Lee, an Istrouma High School student volunteer.

While some of these home repairs may seem small, Entergy employees say these little changes could save these homeowners a lot of money throughout the year.

"You're cutting down on all the cold air, and the draft and the heat in the summer time coming in every receptacle and every switch," said Sed Berry, an Entergy volunteer. "It stops it from coming in and pretty much insulates the receptacle."

The people on the receiving end were thrilled to have the help!

"I just changed windows, but I didn't get a chance to finish the work so...I ran out of money," said Beatrice Christal, a homeowner. "So this came in real handy."

"She's on a fixed income, so we want to make sure that her house get weatherized because you know we might have to help her pay the electric bill," said Onelia Murray, who was there while her mother's home was repaired.

And to know they're making things brighter and cooler for their neighbors in need makes these volunteers smile too.

"I get joy out of it," said Derek Calvin, an Entergy volunteer. "Helping out someone that's in need is a wonderful thing."

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