Baton Rouge business owners anticipate presidential debate

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - People living in and around Baton Rouge want to hear many different things in Wednesday night's first Presidential debate.

"The health care issue is very important to me because of all of the elderly," said Louis Tillotson, a longtime Baton Rouge barber. "It is good for all of the elderly people, and with it, I'd like to see them create more jobs."

Jim Urdiales, a small business owner, says he took offense to a President Barack Obama speech in which the president mentioned small business owners possibly not building their businesses on their own.

"Well, it was kind of an insult to someone who works seven days a week and sacrificed, Urdiales said.  "I get the point that was trying to be made, but for small business owners who struggle from day to day and the sweat and tears - I know what work I did to build this."

Marsha Rish owns a vintage clothing and goods shop. She doesn't agree with the process.

"I'm not going watch them," Rish said. "I find the whole party system an issue. It doesn't matter who wins the presidency - the other party is going to fight them tooth and nail. It makes it really hard to get stuff done."

Rish says she thinks the debates are all for nothing.

"I think it's a waste of time and money. I think it's a traditional kind of thing and that is why they do it. I think most Americans by now have already made that decision, who they're going to vote for," Rish said.

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