Viewpoint: October 2, 2012

Five weeks from now, Americans go to the polls to choose the presidential candidate they believe will move the country in the right direction. It has been a hotly contested and tight race. Polls show most voters already know whether they are going to cast a ballot for President Barack Obama or GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

But, there are small number of voters still undecided and their decision could have a lot of sway given the close race. If you're undecided, Wednesday night is a chance to hear from the candidates first hand as they square off in their first of three televised debates.

Even if you're not undecided, it's a great opportunity to confirm your choice, hearing from the candidates on a number of domestic issues from healthcare to the role of government. You can catch the debate on WAFB at 8 p.m. Afterwards, we invite you to post your comments on our Facebook page. It's an important night and we'd like hear what you think about it.