Mother fears attempted abduction of her child from school

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A scenario hit home for one local mother Friday afternoon in Baton Rouge, when she learned that moments before she arrived, complete strangers asked to pick up her second grade son by name from Inspire Charter Academy.

"Who's the lady? What kind of vehicle were they in?" said the mother who asked WAFB not to be identified. "What's the underlying issue behind why they came to get him?"

Along with her questions, the mother also fears the couple saw her child's face before being sent away. The supervisor in charge of the after-school program, run by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge, determined the couple was not on the student's approved pick up list and even took a picture of the man's license.

"I took off from work because I was afraid if he was bold enough to let someone take a picture of his ID was he going to go back today or tomorrow?" added the mother.

While answers have yet to come in, the president of the Boys and Girls Club says proper procedures were followed.

"We're very happy that our protocol worked and the safety of the child was protected at all times," said Pat Van Burkleo. "We don't think the child was in danger at any time during the whole incident that happened at Inspire."

A police report was filed with Baton Rouge Police and an investigation is ongoing but as of Monday, no warrant had been issued. A police spokesman says in situations like these, the department has to be perfect and there is no room for error. The mother certainly understands but is determined to continue making her presence known.

"Every day I want to know. Someone is going to have to answer for who came to pick up my child. Yes somebody is going to have to answer I'm not going to stop."

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