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Student describes bus accident, mom upset with response

The bus came to a rest on its side after the accident. The bus came to a rest on its side after the accident.
Alexia Jones Alexia Jones
Tachelle Booker Tachelle Booker

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Jefferson County Public Schools said staff from Frost Middle School were on scene after they got word of the school bus wreck involving bus #1250 on Friday morning. It happened only three miles from the school.

JCPS Chief Operating Officer Dr. Michael Raisor said they handled everything appropriately with safety concerns as their priority, but student Alexia Jones and her mother Tachelle Booker said they had concerns about what happened after the wreck.

Jones was taken to KentuckyOne Southwest Hospital after she was injured in the wreck. She said she only a scratch on her head and some back pain, but said her classmates, who are all from the Portland area, fared much worse. "Some friends had glass in their arms. Their face had more blood. They had gashing on their arms."

She said it was chaos after her bus crashed with a Ford Mustang only a couple of miles from their building. "Everyone was just screaming. Everyone went to the emergency exit and climbing out windows," said Jones.

Jones' mother said she felt similar. "I get a call from Lexi in her school bus in hysterics. I couldn't understand what she was saying. I just understood my bus has been in a wreck," said Booker. After getting disconnected, Booker said she called the school and the bus compound all of whom she said did not know anything.

Raisor said everything was handled by the book. "EMS assessed the situation and in any emergency situation is handling the most serious emergency situations first and sending those students to the hospital first. When they had finally assessed the situation, sent out all the ambulances with the students they then provided us with a list. At that point we then started notifying parents."

"I don't know what new procedures can be done, but communication is the key," said Booker. She has to now figure out how to get her daughter from their Portland neighborhood home to class Monday morning because "I'm not riding the bus," said Jones.

Jones mom said she hopes the difficulty parents will have finding rides for their kids who are assigned to a school at least 30 minutes away will be taken into consideration in the future when school assignments are handed out. 

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