Police crack down on Katrina tours

Source: WWL-TV in New Orleans
Source: WWL-TV in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WAFB) - Toursshowcasing parts of New Orleans hit by Hurricane Katrina may soon run into somelegal trouble.

Companieshave been bringing tourists through the lower Ninth Ward since the floodwallsand levees failed, submerging the area in 2005.

Accordingto WWL-TV, tour guides say they've been warned in the past few weeks to stayout of the area.

A cityordinance passed in 2006 prohibits tours for profit east of the Industrial Canaland it looks like police may be cracking down on that now.

Residentsof the Ninth Ward say all the tour busses are damaging roads and homes.

Cityofficials are now looking into a compromise.

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