Livingston Parish residents angry at Isaac cleanup delays

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Residents in Southeast Livingston Parish are getting fed up with the delays in Hurricane Isaac cleanup efforts.

Piles of debris remain four weeks after the storm wrecked the area. Residents say the trash is unhealthy and smells awful.

Rotting piles of post Isaac debris is a problem in front of the Second Zion Baptist Church just off Highway 22 in Chinquapin. A small close nit community resting between I-10 and I-12. Senior Deacon Charlie Stewart can only watch his pews rot in the sun.

"It's an eyesore, especially in front of a church. You know, we thought it would have been picked up by now, but it's just been a delay for some reason. I know they got a lot of people that's got stuff scattered and everything but, we're hoping - we were hoping the process would of been a whole lot quicker than what it is," said Stewart.

Stephanie Walker lives nearby. Her concern is that drivers along Highway 22 may actually plow into the piles. She says it is dangerous, smelly and horrible to look at.

WAFB contacted the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development who is responsible for debris cleanup. They said they made an initial pass down Highway 22 and expect to have the mess cleared up by the middle of next week.

Steward says that is not soon enough.

"We were hoping the process would have been a whole lot quicker than what it is," said Stewart. "It's just been a delay and the people are...they are beginning to wonder why you know, why is it taking so long. Like I said, I understand they got a lot of people but it's an eyesore now."

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