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Covington 911 call center moving to Kenton Co. Dispatch Center


If you live in Covington and call 911 for an ambulance or cop, starting this weekend your call will be going to the county's dispatch center in Independence.

The City of Covington decided not to fund the 911 call center which had been in the city for years. It will be moving to the Kenton County Dispatch Center which is located at the Kenton County Police facility on Independence Pike.

"Currently now if you live in Covington and you're on your cell phone and you dial 911 it's possible that you'll get our communications center and we'll have to transfer you," said Ed Butler, the Director of the Kenton County Center. "So our hope is that by putting them under one roof that will really reduce some of that duplication that occurs and we'll be able to get officers to you more quickly, firefighters to you more quickly and we don't have to redirect your call when you need help."

They've also remodeled the center and while they have new equipment, they have the same people who led the Covington Center for years. They hired all 12 of Covington's dispatchers.

"We're gaining a lot of experienced folks that understand the City of Covington, know the geography, know the officers, know the firefighters, know the residents, so we're really blessed that in this situation we're able to add experienced, talented employees and hit the ground running," Butler added.

Computers, GPS and maps will help dispatchers even if they aren't familiar with the area. "It's less than an issue than it was perhaps 20 years ago so we can certainly overcome some of that lack of knowledge of having grown up there perhaps or worked there for many years but that knowledge of knowing an area certainly does help," said Butler.

The change will start at 6 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 30.

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