BRCC students still waiting for financial aid

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some Baton Rouge Community College students have questions about their money. Those students say they should have gotten their financial aid weeks ago.

"I just left the financial aid office and they told me I should receive the money tomorrow," said Kobi Harris, a first-year student. "But, they've been saying that since last Thursday, so tomorrow, I probably won't receive any money either."

Financial aid is the source of stress for some BRCC students.

"When I go to the office, they're telling me that it's coming and you have to wait," said Amber Eaton, a first-year student. "And, call this number and that number and that number. And, I'll call them and they'll tell me nothing."

Both Eaton and Harris say not having their refund is starting to cut into their out of school expenses. BRCC officials said they understand and are trying to turn it around as quickly as possible. Some 800 students with Pell grants have already received their funds.

"Another group of Pell refunds will be posted possibly today or tomorrow," said Steve Mitchell, executive director of community relations at BRCC.

Mitchell said Hurricane Isaac is one major factor for the refund delays. It's BRCC policy to not release financial aid refunds to students until the 14th day of class to ensure the students are attending school.

"We missed a Friday, a Saturday and a Sunday...actually a Thursday, a Friday, a Saturday and a Monday of classes. So, if that was their first time attending the class, it could show that they haven't been attending," Mitchell explained.

Mitchell encourages students to talk to financial aid if they are having problems and keep a watchful eye on their accounts and email, especially if signed up to get their refund through "Higher One," which loads the money onto a BRCC debit card.

"I've been hearing people say that's it coming this day and that day. I just hope whatever day hurries and comes," Eaton added.

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