Baton Rouge dog ends up 900 miles away after Hurricane Isaac

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - While many people are dealing with debris clean up or insurance claims three weeks after Hurricane Isaac, one Baton Rouge man is waiting to reunite with an important member of his family.

Freddie Hollier is beyond happy to see his dog named T'Chen, (French for "little dog"), even if it's only on video from a Cleveland area news report. Hollier thought he had lost T'Chen forever after she wandered away during Hurricane Isaac.

"A lady from Geneseo, Illinois...Sherrie, called me and said that she has my dog," said Hollier. "I said you've got to be mistaken. There's no way that she could be in Geneseo."

Hollier says during that phone call, he learned an army corps worker from Illinois who was in Baton Rouge during the storm, found T-Chen wondering around Florida boulevard.

"He just brought her up there and got her with the Henry County humane society. And she's been there ever since. And bless their hearts, they've helped me out quite a bit," said Hollier.

Hollier was told the worker tried finding a shelter in Louisiana to take her, with no luck. That's how the pup ended up on such a long road trip. Eventually the group "Lost Pets of Baton Rouge" helped the pair reconnect. Now that Hollier knows his "little dog" is safe and sound, he and T'Chen's brothers look forward to her coming home.

"One, who is the youngest, will sit out in the back and yard and just bark. And it's not like barking at somebody else, he's just barks like 'come home, T'Chen , come home,'" said Hollier.

The whole family is expected to be together again when T'Chen comes home, next week. Hollier says a group called "Pilots and Paws" is helping with her journey home.

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