LSU newspaper calls bomb evacuation a "failure"

Traffic leaving LSU campus during bomb scare
Traffic leaving LSU campus during bomb scare

In a scathing editorial, LSU's campus newspaper says campus leaders and police are lying about the time it took to clear the campus during Monday's bomb scare.  The newspaper says the process was a failure.

In a news conference Wednesday, leaders from multiple police agencies gathered for a news conference in which they praised each other for evacuating the LSU campus within one hour and 20 minutes.

The newspaper says it actually took much longer to evacuate the campus and writes that the evacuation was "a failure that should not be praised." 

"How University officials and police formed such an egregiously incorrect estimate of the time it took for campus to be clear of students and traffic is unknown," the editorial says. 

The newspaper says multiple students reported still be stuck in traffic nearly three hours after the evacuation order was lifted.

Police received the bomb threat at 10:30am Monday.   The caller, who was later arrested, said three bombs would explode on campus at 12:30pm.   The university did not issue an evacuation order until nearly one hour after the call was received.

"Instead of taking responsibility, acknowledging their mistakes and using this as a lesson for the future, University officials seem to be ignoring the utter failure that could have cost tens of thousands of lives on Monday," the editorial said.  "Instead, our leaders are endlessly patting each other's expensive suit-covered backs."


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