EBR storm debris closely monitored


The job of removing debris from Hurricane Isaac in East Baton Rouge Parish has now surpassed the halfway mark.

Workers spent late last week concentrating on the River Bend subdivision off Brightside Lane as well as an area off Hoo Shoo Too Road near Elliott Road.   Monday, there were in several areas including White Oak Landing.

Click here for a map of debris removal progress in the parish.  The map is updated daily.

The process of removing debris is a slower process than normal because workers must follow FEMA guidelines in order for the parish to eventually be reimbursed by the federal government.

Each pile of debris in front of every home or business must be documented and have a "haul ticket" assigned to it.  

Workers are currently collecting only wood waste which mainly consists of trees and branches.  That debris is then taken to one of three collection sites around the parish where it is grinded so that it can be recycled.   The material can be recycled into items such as mulch or cardboard.

The Shaw Group has been hired to oversee the removal and document it for FEMA.  Disaster Recovery Group is the contractor that is actually hauling the debris.

After the storm, the parish set a goal of having all debris removed within 45 days, said parish environmental engineer Bob Hearne.   Hurricane Isaac made landfall on August 28.

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