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Woman who ruined Jesus fresco: Pay me

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The early 20th century painting of Jesus Christ got a bad makeover and a new name, "Ecce Mono" or "Behold the Monkey." (Source: Wikipedia) The early 20th century painting of Jesus Christ got a bad makeover and a new name, "Ecce Mono" or "Behold the Monkey." (Source: Wikipedia)
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(RNN) – The woman who disfigured the Ecce Homo Jesus Christ painting said she's really stressed out, and would like to be compensated for her work, please.

The early-20th century painting inside a Spanish church gained worldwide attention in August after the "restoration" by amateur artist (finger painter?) Cecilia Gimenez. The fresco, which used to feature the Christ crowned in thorns looking to the sky, has been referred to as Ecce Mono, or Behold the Monkey, since she "fixed it."

The "self-taught" woman who only wanted to "help" has hired lawyers to get money from the church for the "good job" she did. A thank you wouldn't hurt either.

No word yet on if she plans to drive a car through the wall of the church and charge for renovations.

According to the news site El Correo, Gimenez's lawyer claims the Sanctuary of Mercy had seen a rise in guests to see the freak show – err, work of art – and had gotten 2,000 Euros in four days. Her representative also pointed out she had to go into hiding after her orangutan in a tunic got popular.

The Santi Spiritus Hospital Foundation, which operates the church, has begun charging admission.

Meanwhile, others in the town of Borja also are trying to make Fresca out of fresco. El Correo reported the town hosted an Ecce Mono-themed painting competition, and businesses are doing what they can to make a few bucks on the influx of tourists.

The image and all variants have been trademarked as well, in order to prevent "improper or grotesque abuse." Because when you let someone with no experience go at an irreplaceable painting with their watercolors, you want to make sure no one reacts improperly.

Oh, and you're welcome.

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