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Police Chief: Man attempted to saw arm off, attacked police


A Catawba County man who attempted to cut off his arm with a hacksaw was Tasered by a police officer after he attempted to attack officers.

According to a release from Newton Police, a man showed up at the police department last Wednesday morning and requested help for his son.

The man told officers that his son, Nathan Poovey, was attempting to harm himself with a screwdriver and a hacksaw. 

He said that he wanted to call police, but his son had damaged his phone.

When officers arrived at the home, officers say they heard movement inside the home but could not get a response to the door.

Poovey's father let officers into the home and they found Poovey inside.

Officers say when he turned towards them, they could see that he was sawing his right arm with a hacksaw - to the point that it was almost sawed completely through.

Officers reportedly told Poovey to drop the hacksaw.

That's when they say he approached the officers in a threatening manner with the hacksaw.

"An officer deployed his Taser causing Poovey to drop the hacksaw," the release from police said. "Poovey then picked up a frying pan and continued to aggressively approach the officers."

Poovey was Tasered by officers again, the report stated, in an attempt to restrain Poovey so they could get him medical help.

Poovey was rushed to the hospital by Catawba County EMS.  Because of the amount of blood loss, he was transported to Carolinas Medical Center.

He was hospitalized in critical condition, but hospital officials told WBTV on Thursday that Poovey was not listed in the system.

Poovey's mother told WBTV on Thursday morning that he passed away at the hospital on Wednesday evening.

"The officers acted within department policy with the use of force protecting themselves while attempting to gain control of Mr. Poovey so he could receive medical treatment for his self-inflicted wounds," said Newton Police Chief Donald Brown said after a preliminary administrative investigation.

"Since this is unusual incident, I have asked the NC State Bureau of Investigation to review the incident as an outside independent agency," Brown continued. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the Poovey family and the officers involved in this incident."

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