LSU Police continue investigation into source of bomb threat

Empty campus after the evacuation
Empty campus after the evacuation

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU Campus police are cranking up the investigation into Monday's bomb threat and looking for the responsible for making the phone call.

"When we get a threat like this we're going to do an assessment and we're going to respond," said Colonel Mike Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police.

That response equaled a multi-agency effort at the local, state and federal levels. Those agencies are working together in the Fusion Center at the State Police compound pursuing leads by analysts as the investigation rolls on. What is not in question however, are the serious charges the person responsible for the threat faces.

"As silly as this phone call could end up being think about the fact that you could spend 15 years in hard labor behind bars for this and that's just state charges, that's not counting federal charges," added Edmonson.

The evacuation of the LSU campus was more like shutting down a city ranking in the top ten in the state in size and while the cost of that evacuation is hard to tabulate, officials say there is no doubt it is massive.

"Probably a high cost involved not only in a dollar amount but in emotions and everything that goes into shutting down a campus, a small city as you said, and then bringing that back up," said LSU Vice Chancellor Herb Vincent.

"You're certainly looking at thousands of dollars when you look at people's salaries and equipment that has to be moved over to do that but you're not only looking at it from State Police and Department of Public Safety, but from LSU, police department, sheriff's department, our federal partners who had to stop what they're doing and respond to something like this," said Edmonson.

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