Central mom on a mission to warn drivers of dangerous road

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - A mom in the City of Central is on a mission to get drivers to slow down. After reading about several wrecks on Greenwell Springs Road, some deadly, she's hanging up signs to warn others about the dangerous drive.

"A friend of my teenage son, 16-year-old Phillip Abbington, was killed on this road by somebody going 90 miles per hour," said Gail Lloyd, the mom in charge.

Words of caution are posted on yellow signs down Greenwell Springs Road where 11,000 cars cruise daily. After reading in the paper about all the accidents there, Lloyd decided something had to be done. And after talking with people who live along the street, she found out they too wanted something done.

She says one neighbor told her he had witnessed more than 50 accidents and two dozen deaths, just in one of the curves. So she started her campaign, posting signs like one that says "Save Lives Drive 45."

"It's a very long, winding, beautiful country road," she said. "I have found myself going 50, 55."

She says speeding is just one of the problems. The other, if a car crosses the center line and forces another off the road there's nowhere for them to go; just a steep drop off.

"Ultimately we hope to widen this road, straighten it out, and bring it up to code. Should be five to six feet of shoulder here," Lloyd said. She says sometimes all it takes is a mom on a mission to make something happen.

Transportation officials plan a road safety assessment on Greenwell Springs Road, to see if any low-cost safety improvements - like rumble strips or widening the shoulder can be done.

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