BR law enforcement tackles teen driving

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - State farm and local law enforcement agencies teamed up to show Baton Rouge teens why it's so important to be a cautious driver.

With goggles that give them the feel of driving drunk, dozens of teens got behind the wheel of go-carts and attempted to maneuver in and out of cones set up in this parking lot.

"It made me feel nervous and scared," said Karlyn Holden, a teen driver.

"It just makes you feel kind of weird," said Breann Glynn, a teen driver. "It's not worth either hurt yourself or hurt anyone else."

That was the message for young drivers at "Celebrate My Drive."

"The scare tactics and the crash stats, we find that's limited in how long it lasts in a teenager's mind," said Brian Meaux, a Baton Rouge State Farm agent. "So we're just trying to consistently be in front of them with a positive message."

State Farm teamed up with local law enforcement agencies to tackle a serious issue, but in a fun way. There were snowballs and laughs while trying to function behind those goggles, but some of these teens say they know firsthand how drunk driving can ruin lives.

"It was really hard because he would have been a senior this year," said Holden, whose friend was killed by a drunk driver last year. "And we all planned to just, you know, graduate and go to college and stuff. So him not being here is really hard."

State Farm reps want to reach more than just the Baton Rouge teens who came to the event. They presented a five thousand dollar check to the district attorney's office. Money the D.A.'s office plans to use to develop *update drivers safety videos.

"All the videos that we seem to have now, they don't involve texting," said District Attorney Hillar Moore. "And we have a texting and driving booth set up here. And everyone's crashing that's texting while they're driving. And so hopefully we're going to able to incorporate all of the driving issues that we face today."

Meaux says data shows texting is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. He hopes hands-on events like this help their message stick.

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