Game day businesses score big

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In the mornings before the doors open, all is quiet in the dining room of Walk-On's, but in back the staff is running through its game day plan.

Walk-On's is just one of the business that cash in on football season.

"It starts on Monday. We go through what we did the previous weekend and we start making orders for the next weekend," said Walk-On's co-owner Brandon Landry.

On just one game day, the restaurant will do two weeks worth of business.

"On a game weekend we'll go through about 500 cases of beer, about 50 kegs, sell about 2,000 hamburgers, about 200 cases of French fries," said Landry.

Extra employees are brought in to handle the traffic and food and alcohol are shipped in all week.

"It's long weekends for our crew, but at the end of the day, it pays off," said Landry.

"Of course food isn't the only demand on game day.  T-shirts and souvenirs are a must for fans.

"I always equate it to a bar during Mardi Gras. So we do double digit percentage of our business every year during the fall," said owner of Bengals and Bandits Eric Hedrick.

During football season, Bandits and Bengals will actually order it's merchandise based on the team's schedule.

"We had three or four games almost in a row. We had to bring in a lot of stuff early and then also have reorders in the middle of September to make sure we could service our customer base all throughout the month of September," said Hedrick.

The store will hire extra employees for the fall as well which is easily their busiest time of year.

"When people are new we try to explain to them about what happens on game day, but until you see it, you don't really understand. It gets pretty chaotic," said Hedrick.

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