East Baton Rouge Parish crews working daily to pick up storm debris

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Public Works has been doing just that the last two weeks.

"We're making a lot of headway. We're working seven days a week," said Interim Director David Gullory.

"We've got close to 60 trucks on the street right now and will continue to be until we finish."

Just when that will be is the big question.

"Some folks in the parish haven't seen us yet, they will see us by next week for that first pass but there was a lot more debris than we thought and the state thought was on the ground here," added Guillory.

The parish is working alongside the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to clear all streets of debris like on Highland which is a state right of way.

"In local neighborhoods you'll see local partners from parishes collecting that but this is definitely for those along a state road or highway," said DOTD spokesman Amber Leach.

On average more than 150 truckloads of debris come to sites like on Pecue daily. Combine that with the other two working sites in East Baton Rouge Parish and Guillory says that is second to none.

"We have some of the highest numbers of debris on the ground. We have a very thick tree canopy. It was the same thing in Gustav, not the same as Gustav was but as far as vegetation on the ground we're one of the top parishes."

At the rate the crews are working Guillory estimates the entire project will be done in another two weeks at a cost of about three million dollars. Until then however both the parish and state are asking affected residents for one thing.

"People need to be patient and know that we're out there to help them get back along and do it in safest way possible," said Leach.

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