Police: "Kissing Bandit" goes after Walmart women

Randy Butcher (Source: Eunice Police Department)
Randy Butcher (Source: Eunice Police Department)

EUNICE, LA (WAFB) - Police said a truck driver is locked up after reportedly grabbing a store employee and kissing her against her will Tuesday evening.

Randy Butcher, 40, of Houston was arrested in Louisiana on charges of simple assault, simple battery and false imprisonment.

The Eunice Police Department said it happened at the city's Walmart around 5:30 p.m.

Officers credited store employees with detaining him until police arrived to investigate.

They said the woman told them a man she didn't know walked up to her in the store and started giving her compliments, apparently trying to strike up a conversation.

She added he asked for her phone number several times, so she eventually game him a fake one in hopes he would leave her alone.

According to reports, she then tried to walk away, but he blocked her from leaving.

Investigators said she then told them he grabbed her and started kissing her.

After getting away from the stranger, she told her supervisor, who then called police.

However, she wasn't the only one who accused Butcher of showing strange behavior.

A woman shopping in the store later told police the man tried to talk to her by complimenting her and asking for her phone number.

Officers said her boyfriend had been in another part of the store and confronted Butcher when he walked up him behaving in an unusual way around his girlfriend.

They then told a store supervisor about the man.

Butcher was booked into the city jail. He was still there as of Thursday morning on a $4,300 bond.

Police said he is a cross-country truck driver and his 18-wheeler was parked at Walmart.

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