Skate Galaxy owner speaks out about Saturday brawl

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A video posted to YouTube of a brawl that broke out this weekend at a popular hangout for teens and families is leading to a few changes.

Skate Galaxy owner Doug Foval says one bad situation led to another, and because of social media posts, they ended up dealing with an unusually large number of kids Saturday night.

"We've got a certain max we take, and then at that point we lock the doors… which is what happened Saturday," said Foval. "We hit our max, we locked the doors. There's 300 people left outside that are screaming to get in. We said, 'we hit our max we, aren't going to let anybody in'," he said.

Skate Galaxy plans to enforce a rule that says kids or teens under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult; similar to movie theaters on the weekends.

"We had 300 people and then somebody started shooting. The crowd was pushed on the inside of our building which then developed riots on the inside of our building that we couldn't handle. And unfortunately, all the kids that started this went home, nothing happened to them," said Foval.

Foval says he has security guards in place and he blames the Sheriff's Office for making the situation worse.

The Sheriff's Office responded to the incident and cited several teens for fighting and released them to their parents. Foval says that's not enough. The one arrest the Sheriff's Office did make was a Skate Galaxy employee who was accused of being combative with deputies.

Foval says his building was already at capacity when others outside pushed their way in.

"It was scary. It was scary to us, it was scary to our employees and it was something we had no control over," Foval said.

The Sheriff's Office says they responded according to their normal procedures.

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