Viewpoint: September 11, 2012

Eleven years ago Tuesday was one of those days most of us remember where we were and what we were doing when we got the news that terrorists had attacked us on our own soil, leaving thousands dead and an entire country in mourning.

Never again would we view the cowardly acts of terrorists as something that only happened somewhere else. Never again would we board an airplane or other means of transportation with the same carefree attitude many had before 9/11.

We remember praying for the family members of those who lost their lives that day, like Scott Lamana of Baton Rouge, and we remember the heroic efforts of first responders. The bravery of those police and firemen who rushed into burning, crumbling buildings to try and save others, should never be forgotten.

That's why the Amite Arts Council recently unveiled a 9/11 memorial in the town of Amite. The memorial recognizes the first responders of 9/11 and the local first resonders who risk their lives daily. The  9/11 attacks changed us forever. Memorials like the one in Amite remind us on this day to stop and remember a moment that should never be forgotten.