Family honors son who died at the Pentagon 11 years ago

Lieutenant Michael Scott Lamana
Lieutenant Michael Scott Lamana

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A personal essay from Greg Meriwether:

It's different, but very much the same.

Eleven years ago, the Lamana's woke up on a beautiful Tuesday morning with things to do. They knew their son was busy at the Pentagon with plenty of things to do, serving his country.

On this morning, the Lamana's woke up with things to do - but different things.

First and foremost: honor their son.

When United States Navy Lieutenant Michael Scott Lamana's name appears now, it reads a little different than when it did back when he went to school St. Aloysius Catholic school.

Now it appears on memorials.

What his name stands for now though, hasn't changed a bit.

"When I dream about him, he's always the same age," said Wanda Lamana, Scott Lamana's mother. "When I see him in heaven, he'll be the same age, I'm getting older know, that's not fair."

Wanda Lamana laughs as she think about her son and how she's healed over the years since his death on September 11, 2001.

Scott Lamana wasn't supposed to be at work, he was helping out. The decorated young lieutenant was at his cherished position, in the Pentagon just before terrorist slammed an airplane into it.

To many Americans, this date, of course sticks out on the calendar. To this family, the date, and all that comes with it, is something they'll always have. They choose to keep it that way.

The Lamana's don't worry about whether people will one day forget their "Scotty" or his sacrifice, but they worry people will one day forget those still out there.

"When you see a veteran, shake their hand," said Mike Lamana, Scott's father. "Tell them thank you, shake their hand for what they have done."

Just because you may never forget, doesn't mean you'll always remember - that dreams, hopes and desires stopped 11 years ago.

That Scott Lamana never got a chance to realize all of his.

After visiting with this family, I left with this: 11 years ago, the Lamana's woke up on a beautiful Tuesday morning, proud of their son.

This morning, and those here after, will always start the same way.

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