Ascension Parish residents running out of time for DSNAP

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - The Lamar Dixon Center in Gonzales was once again a bustling site of activity on Monday, as more than 1,200 applicants for DSNAP cards made their way through the gates.

"It was pretty good. It was not too hectic," said Randall Geason. "Water waiting for us and getting us out pretty quick. Calling us in tens. They had a lot of people, but we got out pretty quick."

For Jack and Alice Campbell, applying for disaster food assistance is something they went through after Katrina as well, but this time around, the process has been much smoother.

"They have the police here, they tell you where to sit," added Alice Campbell. "They help you immediately when you come in showing you where to move and actually, I think they moved pretty good because there were a lot of people in there."

But, not everyone would get their chance. Hundreds who arrived late in the day were turned around by members of the National Guard and with just one day left in Gonzales, those who have already waited their turn have a little advice.

"Get here early in the morning so they can hurry up and get you out of here and get it done."

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