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CLICK HERE for full information on registering your Cheer Squad!

It's time for the 5th Annual WAFB Sportsline Cheer Championship!  Thank you again to all of the schools that participated in our 2011 Cheer Championship and our 2011 Champions, Live Oak High School.

Once again, this year's Cheer Championship will feature local high school cheerleading squads squaring off in a "March Madness-esque" tournament.  The tournament will begin with our October 5th  edition of Sportsline Friday Night.

This year we are asking cheer squads to submit five photos that we will feature on our Cheer Championship Web Center in your school's cheer slide show.  The slide shows will play on, where viewers can vote for their favorite photos, determining a winner each week as the tournament unfolds. 

The school that captures the most votes will win the WAFB Sportsline Cheer Championship.  The winning school will receive a cash prize of $1,000, and will be presented with the Cheer Championship trophy.  In addition, the winning squad may even be featured on WAFB promotional ads for Sportsline.  This is a great opportunity to represent your school and have some fun along the way. 

If your school would like to participate this year and have a chance to win $1000, please fill out this form and return it to:                                                                                                                                                   Email:               

Fax: (225)-379-7891

Please return this form by September 17th, 2012.  This will allow us to set up our brackets and check back with each school if their photos have not arrived as we approach our entry deadline. *If you have any questions please call WAFB at 225-215-4722.


    Interested in Participating:   Yes ____ N____

    School Name:   ___________________________________________

    Coach's Name:      _________________________________________

    Email Address:      _________________________________________

    Cell Phone Number:      __________________________________________




The following page contains guidelines on the picture entries and the methods for submitting your photos.

Thank you for participating in the WAFB Sportsline Friday Nite Cheer Championship.  Starting October 5th, cheer squads will be paired in a head-to-head bracket, built much like the NCAA Basketball Championships. Each week, viewers will vote online for their favorite squad to advance to the next round. In order to participate, WAFB requires each squad to submit a maximum of five digital photos for the site. These digital photos must be a minimal size of 640 X 480 72 dpi, bigger is always welcome. Photos can include posed team photos or your squad in action or a combination of both.  This is your chance to showcase your squad. Have fun with it, because this will be what people watch when they vote!

The deadline for submitting your photos is September 27th.  Photos can be e-mailed to WAFB at .

                WAFB is very excited that you have chosen to participate in our Sportsline Cheer Championship. We feel it is a great opportunity to get positive attention for your school and squad. Thousands of viewers will vote for their favorite squad, and the winning school will receive a big cash prize!

If you have any questions, please call 225-215-4722.


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