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UAH shooting survivor doesn't think of suspect

Dr. Joseph Leahy spoke at the VBC Sunday night about the UAH shooting and how it made him stronger. Dr. Joseph Leahy spoke at the VBC Sunday night about the UAH shooting and how it made him stronger.

It's been more than two years since Amy Bishop-Anderson allegedly went on a shooting rampage at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

One of the survivors, Dr. Joseph Leahy, spoke at the Von Braun Center Sunday night about the tragic day and how it has made him stronger. He said his story is about survival and helping others overcome obstacles.

He agreed to be a keynote speaker at the Diamond Jubilee dinner for St. Joseph Catholic Church. The funds raised from the dinner will help benefit the Holy Family School.

"Saint Joseph's Parish has really had to overcome hardships and they've had to persevere and have faith and that's what I pretty much had to do for the last two years after I got shot," said Leahy.

Leahy was a professor at UAH. He was shot when Bishop-Anderson allegedly opened fire during a faculty meeting on campus in February of 2010. Church leaders said they asked him to speak because of the obstacles he's had to overcome.

"Our whole mission is about faith and the journey of faith and how this church was built on faith and I witnessed Dr. Leahy and his family through the tribulations of the day he got shot and there isn't a better story in our community about faith.", said church member, Nancy Archuleta.

Leahy spoke at the podium for about 15 minutes about what happened that day when Bishop-Anderson allegedly pulled a gun out and started firing.

"The scene in the conference room was a scene of carnage. My wonderful boss Dr. Gopi Podilla, Adriel Johnson and Maria Davis lay dead on the floor." said Dr. Leahy.

Mariana Delany came from Vanderbilt this weekend to see the professor speak. She said the shooting happened around the corner from her high school. Delany said she knew one of the victims who died.

"The shooting is something that's really personal to me especially since the shooting took place 30 seconds from where our school used to be," said Delany.

Dr. Leahy talked about how life is getting back to normal for him and his family. He's back teaching now at University of Alabama Huntsville. He said he'll never forget that day when Anderson allegedly opened fire at a faculty meeting.

"Well, I really try not to think about her. I mean she perpetrated a horrible crime and you know, we have a wonderful court system and I have no doubt that she'll receive a just penalty.", said Dr. Leahy.

Amy Bishop-Anderson is expected to go to trial September 24th.

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