Frugal Friday: Saving at the grocery store


A trip to the grocery store can be risky for the wallets and waistlines of consumers - lots of temptations, all of them with a price tag.
To keep lists and opportunities to save some cash in hand throughout a shopping trip, ShopSmart Magazine recommends a smartphone app like Pushpins, which lets a whole family sync up a shopping list and scan an item to find digital coupons. 
They also recommend the Grocery IQ app, which lets consumers shop and share shopping lists by scanning barcodes on items. There's also a function to search for coupons, and sync your list with your supermarket's loyalty program to spot savings more readily. 
Keep some low-tech tips in mind when you hit the aisles too:
  • A list - whether its on a smartphone or jotted down on a piece of paper - can help consumers avoid the many tasty distractions that can cost money and calories.
  • Coupons are great, but ShopSmart Magazine reminds shoppers that some of the most common popular discount categories are for items that could hurt your diet - like cookies, snacks and preprocessed foods - so use them in moderation, no matter how good a deal looks.
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