Gramercy residents complain about oil sheen

GRAMERCY, LA (WAFB) - Several residents from the Deroche Trailer park just off Airline Highway near Gramercy are complaining about the residue left behind by falling flood waters.

An oily, smelling sheen can be found under a number of the trailers in the park. Some residents think the oily water came from the flooded Blind River which is not far from the park.

"I got three kids the owner told us to keep the kids out of the water," says Thorn Brown, a resident. "I want to know why he still got us back here."

9News contacted the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to find out about the oil. A spokesman for DEQ says they did not currently have a complaint in that area but they would investigate the matter as a result of us contacting them.

"It smells real bad back here." says Waree Sims, another resident. " I don't know what's down here they got oil coming up out of the ground."

Other residents like Latasha Gant are concerned over the amount of aquatic animals left in the wake of the flood. "As the water went down," says Gant; "everything is in the yard. Crawfish, fish, I don't know about the alligators but we have a lot of things in the yard."

DEQ says they will also try to locate the source of the oil, if in fact it is oil.

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