DEMCO employee rides horse to help get power restored

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A picture was submitted to WAFB that showed a DEMCO employee riding a horse. The explanation given by the WAFB 9Reports submitter said the employee came to her house on horseback to help restore her power which was knocked out because of Isaac. The viewer lives in Livingston Parish.

After a little investigating into the picture, DEMCO confirmed that one of their dedicated employees, in fact, used a horse to get to work.

The explanation from the public relations department at DEMCO stated the employee, Kenneth, had his DEMCO truck at home the night of the storm, only to wake up and be surrounded by flood waters.

So he saddled his horse, brought his family to high ground and carried what tools he could to his district office so he could begin working alongside his colleges to restore power.

DEMCO wants to emphasize that he did not work from his horse, because that would have made for an unsafe situation. However, the horse did its job in getting Kenneth to his office, even though they had to trudge through water that was up to the horse's chest.

In the explanation from DEMCO, it states "This man is dedicated and it makes all of us proud to be in the DEMCO family."

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