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Emergency workers help people and animals escape floodwaters

Hurricane Isaac's turn toward Louisiana was unexpected. The storm brought on lots of damage across the state, as well as dozens of stories of how help came to people and animals when no one would expect it.

Emergency workers have been on the job for over a week now. Helping people escape from homes damaged by down trees and flood water.

"Checking on other people's family members that were concerned. They couldn't get in touch with people. A lot of people lost phone service," said Bryan Parent, with the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office.

The last thing Livingston deputy sheriff Bryan Parent thought he'd be doing after a hurricane was rescuing a baby deer.

"They're displaced just like we are," said Parent. "In times of high water they are pushed out of their homes too."

While Parent was able to get the deer to dry ground, hundreds of families across the parish were not as lucky and their homes were flooded. Terry Lobell, also known as "Pastor T", is one of many of volunteers who've come to help their fellow Louisianans get through this tough time.

"Since the wind stopped blowing enough for us to get out on the highway, we have been going up and down the highways rescuing people...taking boats full of MRE's and water and ice back into very secluded areas," said Lobell.

"Pastor T" is used to ministering to men and women who are bikers. A community, he says, who is sometimes seen as trouble makers. In this case, they are helping other people get their lives back together.

"They have become servants," said Lobell." And seeing how people need and how much joy it brings to each of us when we go out and help somebody."

An unexpected helping hand for the people and animals in need coming from unlikely sources.

Parent wants to remind people to be careful when cleaning up flood damage. Whether you come across a fluffy deer or a not-so-nice reptile, he says you should call Wildlife and Fisheries.

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