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St. James continues to battle flood waters

Isaac is long gone, but the storm's aftermath is still being felt by residents throughout the state, including in St. James Parish.

"Continuing coming up, water is coming up and you kind of wonder what is next step to take," said Thomas Abreo.

The steps Abreo and many of his Grand Point neighbors have taken is to create a last line of defense.

"Ordered bags and took precautions to keep from going in house. Only thing you can do," he added.

For others throughout St. James Parish, the waters have proven too high to hold off. Parish President Timmy Roussel realizes many of his residents are dealing with flooding never seen before and is calling for patience during these trying times.

"It is troublesome," Roussel explained. "There are frustrated and scared residents. Try and show some tolerance, we are doing our best."

Many of the neighbors of those affected by the flooding are pitching in to lend assistance. In Paulina, hundreds of people like John Hymel and his family have joined forces with members of the National Guard to fill thousands of bags and do what they can to help.

"I just recently moved here and it's a great parish," said Hymel. "Everyone comes together and pulls it together in a time like this, that's for sure."

The community support has not been lost on Abreo, who is thankful he is not in this alone.

"What more do you want? You have neighbors helping each other. It's wonderful everyone sticks together," he said.

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