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Jindal updates public on response to Isaac

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State of Louisiana Office of the Governor

BATON ROUGE - Governor Bobby Jindal held a Unified Command Group meeting and a press conference where he provided an update on the state's response to the storm. The Governor later traveled to Lafitte and Grand Isle to meet with local officials and survey flood damage.

Governor Jindal said, "I'm again reminded every day about the resilience and generosity of our people.  These storms are presenting challenges to our people and there will be folks without power for some time, but I am amazed at the strength and resilience of our people.

"When we were at the River Bend Nursing Home in Plaquemine, we met a caretaker who lost his home in Katrina and yet stayed on duty to help nursing home patients in a sister facility.  Seven years later he was again working at River Bend Nursing Home, when he lost his home again due to Isaac.  Yet he was still working to help take care of others.  This is another amazing example of Louisianians putting others before themselves.  In St. John's Parish, many Sheriff's deputies worked all through the night to rescue others, even though they had damage to their own homes.

"I'm in awe of the generosity and resilience of our people.  I know we'll get through this storm and we'll build back our state better and stronger than it was before Isaac."




  • For the Percy Quinn dam response, the National Guard task force commander is co-located with the parish president at the Emergency Operations Center.
  • The Guard has a response force staged at two locations and is providing a 10-man shelter security team at the Ponchatoula High School.
  • Overall for the response effort in Tangipahoa Parish, the Guard has 566 Guardsmen, one LUH-72 Lakota helicopter, 72 Humvees, 47 high-water vehicles, 142 buses for evacuation operations and four Zodiac boats.
  • The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries assembled a search and rescue response force for the dam situation consisting of 118 wildlife agents with vessels, 80 state Urban Search and Rescue personnel with 15 vessels, 10 La. National Guardsmen with vessels and five DEQ personnel.
  • DOTD has restaged bus assets to assist with evacuation efforts in Tangipahoa Parish. 153 buses are en route or have arrived at the affected areas.
  • Tangi Pines in Amite is approximately 3,900 feet from the Tangipahoa River. Out of precaution, Tangi Pines was evacuated to its sister facility in Gretna. Incidentally, Bayside had earlier evacuated to Tangi Pines because of power outage, but power has since been returned to that facility.
  • DHH assisted in the evacuation of 140 patients and 10 caretakers using two coaches, four paratransit vehicles and 49 ambulances. All but 11 patients when to Bayside. Those 11 were transported to nearby Hood Memorial Hospital. 
  • In terms of the dam breach, the water is down another six inches since 2 AM.
  • The water is low enough that the emergency spillway is no longer discharging. 
  • There was some rain which slowed dirt work on the controlled breach but they are still progressing. 
  • The slide area does not appear to be deteriorating.  This process will take a few days according to the folks on the ground.
  • The water level is down enough though that the emergency spillway is completely dry which has reduced pressure on the dam.
  • In St. John, the National Guard has evacuated 3,647 people and rescued 398 people. To help with the efforts, the Guard is using16 High Water Vehicles, 42 Humvees, 4 boats, and 270 Guardsmen conducting security operations.
  • In St. Tammany, the National Guard provided 90 Guardsmen for security support and a 16-man team with 8 Humvees to support the Sherriff Department in Search and Rescue operations.
  • The National Guard is also supporting Search and Rescue operations at Fountain Blue High School in Mandeville with eight Guardsmen and 4 Humvees.
  • In Lafourche, the Bayou Boeuf levee overtopped. We offered assistance to the parish to help stop the flooding and help with search and rescue efforts.
  • Local officials did a voluntary evacuation of 1,000 people.
  • The National Guard provided a 30-Guardsman team to support a sandbag mission in Lafourche to help stop the flooding.
  • In Livingston Parish, the National Guard supported Search and Rescue operations with six Humvees.
  • In St. Charles Parish, Guardsmen are supporting Search and Rescue operations with six Humvees and 12 Guardsmen.
  • In Acadia Parish, the National Guard supported aerial Search and Rescue operations with seven Guardsmen.


  • The Department of Defense did not approve the state's first request for Title 32 authorization for the National Guard. The state is sending a letter today asking the Department of Defense to reconsider.
  • Yesterday, the Governor issued an Executive Order regarding the emergency occupation of hotels and motels by utility restoration personnel.




  • The National Guard is conducting more than 100 missions across the state.  They have assisted in the rescue and/or evacuation of more than 3,000 citizens throughout the state.
  • The Louisiana National Guard currently has 6,269 Soldiers and Airmen on duty in support of the response.

Ascension Parish

  • In Ascension Parish, the LANG has emplaced 200 feet of HESCO Bastion barrier and prepositioned 66 pallets of HESCO and plastic sheeting at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.

East Feliciana

  • In East Feliciana Parish, the LANG has provided a 4-man team to support security missions as needed.


  • In Iberville Parish, the LANG has set up a POD site and delivered commodities, which they are staffing.


  • The LANG is setting up and staffing a POD site at the Grand Isle Town Hall and at the Lafitte Town Hall.


  • In Lafourche Parish, the LANG has opened and staffed a POD site.


  • In Orleans Parish, the LANG has a roving patrol at the Super Dome, a Security Team for six shelters, and staged 270 Guardsmen to serve as a Rapid Response Force and Search and Rescue Team.
  • The LANG also has a 12-man Security Detail at the Morial Convention Center.
  • The LANG has supported Orleans Parish in clearing approximately 3.5 miles of debris.
  • There are three PODS open in Orleans.


  • The LANG has provided 12 Humvees and 24 Guardsmen to support the Plaquemines EOC.
  • The LANG has airlifted 1,300 MREs and 1,000 bottles of water from the Hammond Airport POD site to 150 people at the Plaquemine Parish School football field.
  • The LANG has provided airlift support to deliver 1,300 MREs, 1,000 bottles of water and ice to 150 people at Point La Hache Fire Station.
  • The LANG has established a POD site at the Bayou Sorrel Volunteer Fire Dept. New Government Complex.

Pointe Coupee

  • In Pointe Coupee Parish, the Guard has Security Teams staged at three shelters.

St. Bernard

  • In St. Bernard Parish, the LANG has provided a 28-man Security Team at the Domino Sugar Factory and is supporting a 12-man checkpoint security mission.

St. Tammany

  • They have also staged 500 cases of MREs at Clearwood Jr. High School in Slidell.

St. James

  • In St. James Parish, the LANG has opened and is staffing two PODs.

St. John

  • The LANG has established six POD sites in St. John Parish.
  • The Guard has staged a 5,000-gallon tanker at the New Wine Christian Center.
  • The LANG is providing a 100 Military Police Team, along with a 170-man security team, to St John the Baptist Parish to assist security officials.


  • As of this morning, there were an estimated 5,186 people registered in shelters across the state. 
  • This is a reduction of almost 1,000 since this time yesterday.  While populations at State run shelters continue to rise, some Red Cross and Parish run shelters are closing.
  • The current population at all state-run shelters (both CTN and MSN) was 3,200 evacuees. This is double the number of evacuees at state-run shelters this time yesterday. There were 1,497 evacuees at the Alexandria mega-shelter, 1,513 evacuees at the Jewella shelter in Shreveport, 96 medical special needs evacuees at the LSU Field House and 82 at the Alexandria medical special needs shelter.  
  • There are also 9 evacuees at the Bossier City Civic Center MSN and 3 at the Southeastern Louisiana University MSN shelters.
  • There are an estimated 1,986 evacuees located at other parish run, faith-based and Red Cross shelters around the state. This is a reduction of almost 2,600 evacuees since this time yesterday as some shelters are closing and evacuees begin to return home when possible. Of those, 432 are at parish-run shelters in impacted areas, 196 are at faith-based shelters, and 1,358 were located at Red Cross shelters around the state.
  • In Tangipahoa Parish – There currently are 8 evacuees at the Ponchatoula High School shelter that evacuated because of the situation in Tangipahoa Parish. These evacuees are in the process of being moved to a nearby Red Cross Shelter. 
  • Red Cross shelters in the area housing evacuees are Amite High School, Hammond Jr. High, Kentwood High School, Natalbany Middle School and Neson Elementary (87 evacuees)  
  • The American Red Cross did note that there are Louisiana residents in the following states that evacuated and are being sheltered -- Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, Texas. 
  • 49,570 meals and snacks have been served to evacuees in state shelters through this morning.  Another 30,000 hot meals will be served today at state shelters and points of distribution.


  • Thirty-seven (37) nursing homes housing 4,236 residents across the state are currently operating on generator power. All but three had HVAC-ready capability. All have identified other cooling solutions or obtained needed generators.
  • Thirteen (13) hospitals housing 587 patients across the state are currently operating on generator power.
  • There are 214 ambulances in the state, as follows:
    • 86 State ambulances
    • 4 Contracted Sprint ambulances
    • 104 Federal ambulances
    • 20 Para transit vehicles


  • DOTD has equipment ready to assist with relief efforts, including approximately 750 chainsaws, 188 dump trucks, 49 skid steers, 41 excavators and 27 front-end loaders.


  • The Division announced state office closures in 16 parishes for today, and will monitor conditions, working with GOHSEP, State Police, and DOTD, to make a determination about re-openings prior to Tuesday.
  • To date, state agencies have spent $56.4 million and parishes have spent $10.1 million.
  • The Office of Community Development/Disaster Recovery Unit is working with DCFS on sheltering in Tangipahoa Parish. OCD/DRU is also working with St. John Parish on recovery planning, as well as with the Louisiana Housing Corporation to prepare for long-term housing needs in the state, should they arise.


  • Yesterday, DEQ did 67 rapids needs assessments. Of DEQ's 241 debris sites, 61 have been activated.


  • The PSC reports that there are 617,000 power outages, or 229 percent of the state. 
  • The Waterford 3 is expected to be back online tomorrow. 


  • 40 parishes have closed schools today.
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