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Watch WAFB-TV Live on FREE News App


Now available on the WAFB News app for your smart phone, LIVE video streaming of our broadcasts.

Now you will be able to watch continuous LIVE coverage from WAFB TV ... just click the links below to access the video appropriate for your mobile operating system. If you are accessing this page via mobile web browser, you'll have to copy the correct link and paste into your browser.

LIVE WAFB Coverage - Click Here 

Note: Android users may need to install HLS player before viewing live video. Download suggested player plug-in for Android here:

Android and mobile web users may need to cut and paste or type this link in mobile browser:

NOTE: Due to a high volume of traffic on the WAFB News app, there may be a lag in the app. If that occurs, you can click on the tinyurl provided above.

Remember: you can also LISTEN to WAFB-TV on the radio station 100.7 The Tiger.

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